Personal Evangelism Handbook


Literature: Recommended Reading List


These recommendations are not intended to be exhaustive. Thousands of books written by Christians have much good information in them, but we are listing some which we have found especially helpful in particular areas. If we have left out one of your favorite books, please do not feel we are inferring it isn't good.

Since only the Bible is the inspired Word of God, no other book is 100% perfect. There may be portions of some books recommended here that you may feel contain some error.

Perhaps there are some things in this book you will disagree with. We must learn how to read a book or hear a preacher, benefiting from the good information and disregarding the poor. Use the Scriptures as the criteria and just pray earnestly and endeavor to keep your own message true to the Word of God.

We believe you will find these books greatly helpful to you and those in your care, under the following categories.





  • All About Repentance Seymour Harvest House Publishers
  • Full Assurance Ironside Moody Press
  • Shall Never Perish Strombeck Moody Press
  • So Great Salvation Strombeck Moody Press
  • The Gift of God Seymour Grace Publishing Co.


  • A Coffer of Jewels Rice Sword Of The Lord
  • A Lawyer Examines the Bible Linton Baker Book House
  • A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament Wilson Moody Press
  • Can I Trust the Bible? Symposium Moody Press
  • Escape from Reason Schaeffer InterVarsity Press
  • General Biblical Introduction Miller Word-Bearer Press
  • Know Why You Believe Little Scripture Press
  • Set Forth Your Case Pinnock The Craig Press
  • The Harmony of Science
  • and Scripture Rimmer Eerdmans
  • The God Who Is There Schaeffer InterVarsity Press


  • Did Man Just Happen? Criswell Zondervan
  • Evolution, Fact or Theory? Reno Moody Press
  • Studies in the Bible and Science Morris Baker Book House
  • The Bible and Modern Science Morris Moody Press
  • The Theory of Evolution and the Facts of Science Rimmer Eerdmans
  • Why We Believe in Creation Meldau Christian Victory Pub. Co.


  • A Spiritual Clinic Sanders Moody Press
  • Balancing the Christian Life Ryrie Moody Press
  • Disciplined by Grace Strombeck Moody Press
  • Effective Bible Study Voss Zondervan
  • Now That I Believe Cook Moody Press
  • Prayer: Asking and Receiving Rice Sword of the Lord
  • Ready, Set, Grow Seymour Harvest House Publishers


  • Bible Doctrines Cambron Zondervan
  • Dispensational Truth Larkin Larkin Estate
  • Holiness: the False and the True Ironside Loizeaux Brothers
  • Major Bible Themes Chafer Zondervan
  • Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Scofield Loizeaux Brothers
  • Systematic Theology Chafer Dallas Seminary
  • The Hungry Inherit Hodges Moody Press
  • The Sovereign God Seymour Harvest House Publishers


  • Golden Path to Successful
  • Personal Soulwinning Rice Sword of the Lord
  • Great Personal Workers Whitesell Moody Press
  • Hand Gathered Fruit Last Christian Literature Crusade
  • Soul-Winner's Fire Rice Moody Press
  • The Master Plan of Evangelism Coleman Revell


  • All About Tongues Seymour Harvest House Publishers
  • Authors of Confusion Gustafson Grace Publishers
  • Chaos of Cults VanBaalen Eerdmans
  • False Doctrines Rice Sword of the Lord
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs Foxe Revell
  • Heresies Exposed Irvine Loizeaux
  • Jehovah of the Watchtower Martin & Klann Zondervan
  • Kingdom of the Cults Martin Bethany Fellowship
  • Neo-Evangelicalism Woodbridge Bob Jones Univ. Press
  • So What's the Difference? Edited: Ridenour Gospel Light Publishers
  • The Christian and the Cults Martin Zondervan
  • The Christian Science Myth Martin & Klann Zondervan
  • The Coming World Church (various authors) Back to the Bible
  • The Maze of Mormonism Martin & Klann Zondervan
  • The Modern Tongues Movement Gromacki Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Company
  • The New Evangelicalism Starr Cornerstone Baptist Church
  • The New Neutralism Ashbrook Calvary Bible Church


  • How to Win Friends and Influence People Carnegie Simon & Schuster
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