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Many of the files found here and elsewhere are more and more oftenin Adobe Acrobat format so they can be read on Mac, Windows, UNIX systemsand DOS machines. Please download any of the following sofware you need.

Adobe Acrobat software gives you instant access to documents in their originalform, independent of computer platform. With the Acrobat Reader, you canview, navigate, print and present any Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

1.) Adobe Acrobat Readerfor the Mac (1.7 Megs)

2.) Adobe Acrobat Readerfor Windows (1.4 Megs)

3.) Adobe Acrobat Reader for Unix

4.) Adobe Acrobat Reader for Dos

5.) CommonGround MiniViewer for the Mac

6.)Stuffit Expander 3.5 for Mac to decode and decompress .hqx and .sitfiles

7.)DropStuff w/Expander Enhancer 3.5.2 (shareware) In addition to other features...Expander Enhancer enables StuffIt Expander to expand files compressed withvirtually every compression format found on the Macintosh, Unix systems,and IBM-PCs and compatibles. These include: ZIP (.zip), ARC (.arc), AppleLink(.pkg), gzip (.gz), Unix Compress (.Z), UUencode (.uu), and StuffIt SpaceSaverfiles.

8.) DiskDoublerExpander 4.0 for the Mac to expand DiskDoubler files and several otherformats.

9.) TCP/Connect II by InterCon is a full-featuredinternet client program with Ftp, Gopher, Telnet, Email and WWW (Mac version.)

Click hereto check out and and/or download the latest TCP/Connect II version for Mac(with their new Web client included). This page contains the latest announcementsand software updates for TCP/Connect II. Check here often.

Click hereto check out and and/or download the latest TCP/Connect II version for Windows.

10.) Click Hereto access our Ftp server. You must be using a Web client which supportsthis, such as TCP/Connect II from InterCon.

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